Entrepreneur Mindset

The Business of our Future

The Business of our Future

Canadian’s, and American’s, well almost everyone, love to talk about what they buy and as a natural extension of that love and passion, millions of Canadian’s and North American’s are actively engaged in purchasing products and services from independent representatives/distributors with whom they have forged a personal connection. – Why?  It feels better, it feels safer, it’s more personal and social, and in many cases it is from someone they know, trust, or has been recommended to them by someone they know and trust.

These types of interactions and transactions, whether called direct selling, social selling, relationship buying or marketing or social sharing, has become a common channel of distribution. The categories of products consumers have to choose from are quite diverse, including anything from cosmetics to super foods and weight loss products, to financial services and essential services, like gas, oil, phones services and internet, just to name few category ranges.

Before the 1900s and a little bit beyond, 90% of the work force was Self Employed and Entrepreneurs; today this has been reduced to only 10-12%. We were a strong Independent people that made no excuses. But we have become a dependent people that have developed expertise in blaming everything,  everyone else for what they don’t have.

For millions of people, direct selling and distribution of products and services has become a viable, fun, socially integrative business opportunity that has given people the ability to make a different choice for themselves and their families. It has given people more control over the lives, and has added a measure of employment security that is all so quickly evaporating in our societies today.

It has given people different career options to consider, and has been a supplement to a better and more affordable way of life. It has also been replacing and establishes retirement plans for many hundreds of thousands that have lost theirs, or didn’t have one at all.

This kind of entrepreneurship and social business development is quickly becoming “The Business of our future” for young and old. It has more Flexibility, Created more Freedom, Income Stability, and above all Satisfaction.

For thousands and thousands if not more, it is, and will be the answer to getting the life of our dreams.

The really good news is ANYONE can learn to leverage these skills, these traits and develop an Entrepreneur mindset….  If they want to.

I am a professional business coach, and a passionate entrepreneur. My offer to you is an opportunity to connect with me and chat about the Entrepreneur mindset.


Looking forward to meeting you

Larry Wedgewood