Why Is Leadership Development Important

The Importance Of Leadership Development

More and more companies these days are seeking for help from various firms or individual coaches that offer leadership development. This is because they believe that the training that they give would be beneficial not only to their individual employees but for the betterment of the company in general. 

Leadership development is very important for a company because it helps the employees and its leaders to be updated on how to make the company stronger in terms of strengthening its human resources and winning culture. It is also important because the activities during leadership development Leadershipreintroduce the employees various concepts that will help them adjust in the company and how to deal with its leaders. 

New trends in leadership development training

As defined, leadership development pertains to activities that aim to enhance the skills of leaders of individuals or those that belong in an organization. It is usually categorized into two that include individual leadership development or collective leadership development. Individual leadership training focuses on the behavior of the leader when it comes to achieving the goals for the company and in interacting with employees. 

The collective leadership development on the other hand refers to the entire process of enhancing leadership skills. This involves not only the leader him or herself but also include those that surround that person including the people that he or she works closely with. Here, interpersonal skills, social skills and networking skills are assessed to gauge the effectiveness of the leader. 

Before, leadership development is conducted through traditional setting which is formal and more on theories on. These are usually through seminars wherein participants usually sit down the whole day listening to lectures and jotting down notes from PowerPoint presentations prepared by the speakers. 

Now, there have been drastic changes when it comes to leadership development because it is less formal and more interactive. Aside from prepared presentations, leadership development these days are more personal because it focuses on the issues that hinder the person from bringing out his or her inner leadership skills. 

Successful leadership development training

To ensure the success of leadership development training, an effective program is needed. It should be designed in way that integrates a range of developmental experiences over a given period of time. The program should also include monitoring scheme and gathering of feedback. 

In Winning Culturemaking leadership development training effective, it should also combine experiential classroom style programs and business school style coursework. It should also include reflective journaling, executive coaching, and well as continuous mentoring. It should also involve goal setting that should follow an assessment of key developmental needs. Then, the evaluation of how goals can be achieved after a given period of time.

An effective leadership development training should include not only have the component of experiential learning but should also focus on self-efficacy which include the right training and coaching as well as visioning which aims to develop the ability of the leader to formulate a clear image and vision. This image should reflect the aspired future of the organization based on skills of the leader that heads it.


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