What is the difference between Leadership and Managing?


I have been inspired to jot down a couple of thoughts on this subject from reading three books, “Start With Why”, “Find Your Why” and “Leaders Eat Last”, written by Simon Sinek, and from reading these books I’ve developed some strong feelings and a different perspective.

Leadership and Management

Leaders inspire people and provide a deeper purpose, and greater vision to accomplish things like the work we do, objectives, and goals we work to achieve, and to live our lives differently and better.

Leaders inspire us to achieve and to see different perspectives.

Leaders look out for their people, provide positive reinforcement, value their contribution and help them be accountable and to maintain accountability.

Managers, in contrast, manage things, processes, procedures, data, reports. If managers only manage their people, then they are only a boss and bosses don’t inspire, they just boss.  This results in loyalty, higher performance and greater achievement being sacrificed.

People shouldn’t be managed they need to be lead and inspired, to produce the actions and activity that we manage and measure to confirm results. They need to feel their purpose, embrace it and love it. To get to this people need to be inspired by leaders who understand this concept, it’s value and it’s place in our world.

If companies ONLY manage their people, and don’t lead them and inspire them, then the company is leaving money on the table, their people unfulfilled and they certainly won’t be as nearly successful as they could be or should be.

However if we lead our people and complement our leadership with management we will achieve much greater results, even beyond our expectations and will provide a positive, sustainable work and living environment.

I do feel strongly that these are critical components of Success, and key to Business Development. I for one will strive to learn more and do more to inspire others in my work and in my life.

I would recommend anyone who is looking to expand their minds, increase their intelligence, learn some valuable lessons to read these books. There is much, much more to the books than just my scribbling below, you will come away thinking and looking at things differently. I encourage you to find out for yourself just what and how.

Check out Simon Sinek’s website: https://startwithwhy.com/


Larry Wedgewood