Help people win

Help People Win! Is smart business.

Exceeding expectations is motivating

From our day one we have encountered competition – on the playground around the school yard, in the classroom, on the field playing baseball, football, in the ice rink playing hockey or curling.

We compete with others for grades, educational benefits, careers and achievement. It seems we are hard wired to compete, ( at least at some level) unfortunately it often leads to a mindset of “one-upping” outshining others, sometimes at a detriment.

Truly smart high achievers take a more leadership approach, they help others win, which directly impacts the speed of results that they themselves experience. They create a Win, Win situation.

 When I was a kid living on the farm with my family my Dad taught me the most important business principle of his business life. The rule of a “Baker’s Dozen” Give value: Do more than is expected! When people bought our produce Dad always, always made sure they got more than they paid for.

My Dad took this mind set into everything he did, it was the foundation of my Dad’s farming success, it was motivational for both parties and it had impact. He took care of other people, he gave them better than a fair shake and in turn his business grew and so did his reputation and people came from all over to buy from my Dad.

Bottom Line: Successful people help others get what they want, they help others become successful. This rule of business is powerful because it requires a paradigm shift for many people.  Those who cannot make the paradigm shift from a “scarcity, win at all costs” mentality to a “winning by helping others win” mindset will not operate in mastery.

In order to be the best, have the best, and deliver the best results, you must be completely comfortable and confident that you will win when you help others win.- It’s a must attitude and mindset.

We’ve all heard the term “buyer remorse” It is a polite term for the way people feel when they have purchased something or decided on something and the item or the experience did not meet their felt needs and expectations. They have a feeling of regret or remorse – Not a good way to finish up a transaction.

But there is a huge positive impact on results when products or services exceed expectations. When we buy something that exceeds our expectation we are often blown away by our good fortune. We can’t believe that we “got all of this” for what we paid. We have a huge sense of well-being when our expectations are exceeded, we become a walking advertisement, billboard and testimonial for the product or service. This also breeds loyalty and buyers conviction to our product or services.

When you help someone win, you often create a fan for life and they bring more fans. We become more satisfied and content with our career and life and it will show.

 Embed this rule into your organization.