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What People are Saying


I strive to Motivate, Inspire and make an Impact with people and business through the work I do and the businesses I’ve worked with. Below is some feedback that I have received.

“Larry has been assisting me and my team for just over a year and honestly, just when we think we are good enough to let him go he teaches us something new or helps us to see our deficiencies. We rely on his expertise even when we are questioning it. He helps keep my team motivated by creating incentives and is always professional and courteous with our staff and our customers. We look forward to his visits every month and have come to expect nothing but a friendly, eager coach! Thanks Larry, you are the best!”

Carmen Bochek
Business Development Manager
Sherwood Chevrolet Inc.

“Larry has been a significant contribution to the success of our BDC. He has brought a great deal of knowledge to our business. He has assisted in the setup and development of the platform we current use, and has risen to all challenges we have thrown at him. Larry’s coaching, and patience with the team has been very much appreciated when dealing with so much change.
His visits are well organized and outlined in detail to help us be better prepared. Larry’s ability to overcome challenges from both the service and sales side has helped us to appreciate his input. His partnership with our company has helped us grow and expand our business through the development of honest and encouraging communications with our customer base. Larry is respectful, hard working, and is dedicated to all he does.”

Ben Quattrini
General Sales Manager

“Larry is a true leader in terms of leading his team to success, driving business objectives with a vision and achieving individual results at work that keeps everyone motivated and aligned with the business needs.
Larry is a strong people manager who shows genuine interest in the development of his team members. He effectively drives performance within his own group while never forgetting the human dimension of management. He knew my goals and guided me to reach my targets.”

Cheryl Silver
Team Lead Edmonton
Customer Care Centre,
Office Max Grand & Toy

“I have worked with Larry for the past 7 months and as a “Customer Service Rep”, you always hope for management like Larry. Someone who understands the humanity in life and promotes a workplace to fit a lifestyle, as opposed to a lifestyle that fits the workplace. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you have someone on your side, who has your best interest in mind. I sincerely doubt that I would love my job as much as I do, were Larry not my manager.”

Kirsten Kirsch
Administrative Assistant

“In two words, Larry is ‘Positive Energy’. In the time that Larry worked with L&D and Support Desk teams, there were no down days. Larry finds a way to connect with his audience whether in the classroom or on a support call.
He is empathetic and is a good communicator. Larry offers flexibility and a can-do attitude that will benefit his team. It was a pleasure to work with Larry in both of his roles in our company.”

Shad Smereka, CPHR, B Com
Director, Human Resources
Fountain Tire

“Larry has an obvious passion for customer service. Along with his great sense of humor, he maintains a focused and dedicated service oriented attitude. Larry has an aptitude for knowledge, great attention to detail, and an innate ability for sensitive and/or pressure situations – all of which creates the perfect storm for effective knowledge transfer and ‘sticktuitiveness’.
A team is greatly enhanced with Larry as a member!”

Karey Spenst
Strategic Human Resources

“Larry is an outgoing easy communicator who is a pleasure to work with. He has strong people skills and while he is not afraid to share his opinion he is able to do so in a manner that is respectful and confident. Larry has excellent presentation skills. He also has the ability to identify and tap into individual motivators making him a great people leader.”

Kelly Parent, CPHR, CTDP
Learning and Development Specialist
Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures

“Larry is simply vibrant with positive attitude and energy, you can always count on him whenever and wherever required. I would bring Larry in my workforce if the chance presented anytime.
Larry would be a great asset to any organization wanting to add to their positive work environment a dynamic, friendly, hard working contributor.”

Sylvain Blouin
President – Founder at Rock-N-Wash™

“Larry is an energetic, passionate and effective leader. When presented with a challenge Larry had the knowledge and drive to get things done and his presentation / people skills were second-to-none which enabled him to achieve a high level of buy-in from front line staff and management alike.”

Gilles Prefontaine
General Manager, Development Services
City of St. Albert

“I had the pleasure of working with Larry for the last two years and in my professional opinion has amplified the principles of leadership in every aspect. Larry has not only been an amazing leader to the people he supports, but has been an all-round leader to everyone including myself. Larry is a professional and very passionate professional and would recommend this man in any organization in search of outstanding talent.”

Bruce Baker
Founder and President
Workplaces Business Strategists