Business Culture

Business Culture and Mindset

Importance of Business Culture and Mindset

A good, positive business culture has standards and goals that are shared by all.

Championship sports teams exist where coaches have gotten the buy-in from the players. If the players believe in the standards and goals, then the players will hold each other accountable to meet those standards and goals so that the responsibility for success or failure is shared, it’s a collaboration.

Now here is where it gets interesting…. Within that sort of culture, you start to trust the people on your team. You KNOW they work hard and live up to the same standard as you. That gives team members a sense of security and purpose. And when the going gets hard, security and purpose transform into mental toughness and stability.

It makes sense though! Think about it, you are much more willing to fight for what you have earned and who you believe in than if you were just supposed to in your job! High performance athletes don’t love to be exhausted, worn out and emotionally drained any more than you or I. But they are willing to do it because they believe in why they are there and they don’t want to let their team down. They work hard for the other guy, their teammates.

Imagine professional football players for example on the field, scrimmaging long and hard in full gear with 90-100 degree (32-38 c) weather. It would be easy to slack off or just give up, but the best of them, the ones in the best culture and mindset, just will themselves to keep going and to complete their work.

Your willpower, determination and persistence need to be exercised just like anything else, and it will be if you want to embrace greatness. Your will is backed up by focusing on the right things, keeping your purpose, your Why front and centre, and continually learning to push yourself towards the right challenges. Be prepared to be uncomfortable, it’s a good thing.

How is your business culture? And the mindset within it?

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